Obama to Sign 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' on Wednesday


President Barack Obama will sign the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" on Wednesday. The Washington Post's Ed O'Keefe asks what's next now that the controversial law has been repealed. Although it is not clear how long it will take to undo "Don't ask, don't tell," military leaders are preparing for the full integration of gay and lesbian troops into their services. They plan to draw on the detailed conclusions of a Pentagon study that outlines the "tricky" scenarios that might arise.

The scenarios include a chaplain's sermon with several direct statements calling homosexuality a sin. A junior officer complains that she was denied entry into a school because she is a lesbian. An applicant informs recruiters that he is gay. Troops are heard making jokes about using the same showers as gay colleagues. The 300-plus-page report provides potential solutions to each situation, and reminds commanders that such issues should be treated no differently than other incidents of harassment, racism, sexism or discrimination. The sermons and teachings of the concerned chaplain could not be restricted unless he publicly maligns military leaders, the report said. The junior officer should work her complaints up the chain of command. The applicant who shares his sexual orientation should be handled like any other recruit. Commanders should remind the joking troops that discrimination or harassment against gay colleagues is inappropriate, but could grant a service member's request not to shower among them. News flash: Gay people like other gay people, not random heterosexuals. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton A. Schwartz warned airmen Sunday, "The standards of conduct we expect of all Airmen will not change," he said in an e-mail sent Sunday night. "Moreover, we will continue to treat each other, as members of the Air Force family, with dignity and respect." Dignity and respect is key to this repeal and what comes after.

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