President Obama has had it up to here with Iran and North Korea's dreams of nuclear proliferation.

Thursday, he made it clear that both could get dealt with if they keep acting up. From The New York Times:

"Appearing at a joint press conference with President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea, Mr. Obama singled out Iran, where leaders have apparently rejected an offer from the West to take Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium to another country to turn it into fuel rods, which would buy time for diplomatic negotiations.

“We’ve seen indications that for internal political reasons or perhaps because they are stuck in some of their own rhetoric, they are unable to get to ‘yes,’ ” Mr. Obama said. “As a consequence, we have begun discussion with our international partners” on sanctions, he said.

He said that over the next few weeks the United States would be developing a package of “potential steps we can take that will indicate our seriousness.”

Shorter Obama: Y'all are setting up to get beat down (though The Buzz has to wonder how that can take place while also unsuccessfully waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq).

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