Obama, the Media and the Truth

President Barack Obama (John Gurzinski/Getty Images News)

Writing at Clutch magazine, Zettler Clay says that the president's "wise words" about the media's effect on politics have a double edge.

… Headlines all across the web yesterday:

Obama: Media to blame for promoting gridlock ...

The president is no fool. He knows that a growing part of his base feels this way. That's why he has taken the first days of his second term to urge the media to be sensible in its coverage for the good of the country. To urge citizens to have the insight to know when they're being swindled. To reiterate his purpose.

He has the right of it.

But his "wise words" have a double edge. He is a part of a party. A party who heeds a base just like any other party. A party that has built him up. A party that wants to push forward its own lens of governance. A party that is not without flaws.

At least he admits this much. "I'm not somebody — when I look back on American history — who believes that one party has got a monopoly on wisdom," says the 44th president, first of direct African descent, later in the same interview.

Let's see if that gets some play in the headlines.

Read Zettler Clay's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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