President Obama speaks after American Cord & Webbing plant tour.

President Barack Obama plugged his administration's job-creation efforts eight days before the midterm elections. During a campaign stop in Rhode Island, Obama acknowledged that some of his policies were not popular and that Americans were frustrated by the weak economic recovery. The president stressed that the steps he took averted a second economic depression. "It took us a long time to get us into this economic hole that we've been in. But we are going to get out, and I am absolutely convinced there are brighter days ahead for America," Obama told workers after touring the American Cord & Webbing plant in Woonsocket, outside Providence. Obama also highlighted a $30 billion small-business lending program to help generate jobs, a package he pushed through Congress in September. Republican opponents have called it wasteful spending. We're glad that the president is finally explaining economics 101 to the country. Job creation is extremely hard to do when the economy is in such dire straits. You have to fix a few other things first before you can get to creating jobs. Hopefully it's not too little or too late for voters.

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