President Barack Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama is keeping it real, dismissing rumors that just won't quit about his religious practices. In an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams in New Orleans, where he was marking the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, President Obama said, "The facts are the facts, right?” when discussing the persistent rumors that he is Muslim. The president added, "There is a mechanism, a network of misinformation that in a new-media era can get churned out there constantly." Earth to zealots: The president is a Christian and is not worried about people making up things about him to get clicks, sell publications or motivate others to participate in a contrived pseudo-political event. In the interview, he suggested that we focus on what's important, which is not his religion, but little things like the economy and the war. That's where his time should be spent, not fending off rabid pit bulls in lipstick. How about restoring honor to yourself and quit lying on people, which, by the way, is not Christ-like.

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