America is used to seeing President Barack Obama in his role as a world leader, but rarely as a father. On Saturday he changed things up, traveling to New York City with Sasha and Malia to spend some "father time" with his daughters and to attend a fundraiser, according to the New York Daily News.

After arriving in the city Friday afternoon, the president went to a Democratic National Committee roundtable in Manhattan that was attended by about 30 supporters, each of whom paid up to $33,400, the report says. Later he joined Malia, 17, Sasha, 14, and friends for dinner at Carbone, a popular Italian eatery in Greenwich Village.

They created a stir Saturday morning when they took a stroll through Central Park before attending a matinee of the hit musical Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway. The hip-hop Lin-Manuel Miranda production tells the story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

Kokan Debnath, a hot dog vendor in Central Park, said he was shocked when the president stopped to greet him, ā€œbecause Iā€™m, I donā€™t know, Iā€™m ordinary,ā€ writes the News.

ā€œA lot of people see vendors, treat us like garbage,ā€ Debnath said, reports the News. ā€œAnd weā€™re not garbage. Weā€™re working to make money for our families.ā€

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