Obama Dishes on Dating Talks With Daughters

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, with daughters Malia and Sasha, Dec. 15, 2013
Martin H. Simon-Pool/Getty Images

Barack Obama says he does not plan to hover over daughters Sasha and Malia when they begin dating, saying it’s intimidating enough for a young man to ask out the daughter of the president, Reuters reports.

He told comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey during a television interview that aired on Friday that Malia, 15, and Sasha, 12, are "very sensible."


"And the second thing is, I've got men with guns following them around all the time," Obama added in jest about U.S. Secret Service officers assigned to his family.

While he and first lady Michelle Obama have mostly kept the girls out of the spotlight, he expressed concern that his job interferes with their ability to live a normal life. He has also worked to teach them to make wise choices when it comes to relationships.

"What I've told them before is, as long as that young man is showing you respect, and is kind to you, then I'm not going to be hovering over every second," he said, according to Reuters. "I think it's intimidating enough to be asking out the daughter of the president without me adding to that intimidation factor."

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