President Barack Obama

In true Obama fashion, the president is reaching out to Democratic voters despite being "off the campaign trail" for the next three days. Less than a week before Election Day, President Barack Obama is quietly using the power of his office to reach Democratic voters in a final effort to get supporters to the polls and nudge close races in his party's favor. He's personally targeting key Democratic constituencies from the White House, holding conference calls with union activists and campaign volunteers, and doing interviews with radio stations that draw largely black audiences. He'll also target younger voters when he tapes an appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart today. Say what you will about president Obama, but he is always on the grind. He may not be working on what you want him to be working on, but he is indeed working. If James Brown was the hardest-working man in show business, than President Obama just may be the hardest-working man in politics. Time will tell if this final push makes a difference.

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