President Obama plays with daughters Sasha and Malia (White House)

To mark Father's Day, the White House has compiled a gallery of photos featuring President Obama with his daughters, Sasha and Malia, over the years, and outlined how his commitment to fatherhood has played into presidential policy.

This commitment to his family has also translated into the President's policy agenda. For the past four years, President Obama has promoted legislation to encourage fathers to take on a more active role in their children's lives through an inter-agency effort: the Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative.

The Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative has prompted government agencies to enact programs to assist fathers in raising and supporting their families and has made a significant impact throughout the country.

The Reconnecting Dads Initiative, founded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, works with more than 300 Public Housing Authorities every year to provide men living in the public housing with resources to make them more self-sufficient and active in the lives of their families.


Read more and see the photos at the White House's website.

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