Last week the New York Civil Liberties Union released a report about New York City's controversial stop-and-frisk policy, which prompted Public Advocate Bill Blasio to call for an internal audit of the program that has been criticized for some time for its disparate impact on people of color. The report found that 42 percent of those stopped were black or Latino males between the ages of 14 and 24, a group that makes up 5 percent of the city's population.


"Stop and frisk has become synonymous with a massive racial-profiling program in this city," NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said Tuesday.

The Huffington Post has pulled together 15 of the takeaways on this topic from the report's review of the entire stop-and-frisk database. Here are a few of them:

In Brownsville, Brooklyn In 2009, 93 Out Of Every 100 Residents Were Stopped By The NYPD"


The NYPD Uses Force Against Black And Latinos More Than Whites.

With Huge Increase In Stop And Frisks, Only Minor Increase In Guns Found.

Many Stops Are Unconstitutional.

Stop And Frisks Don't Always Drive Down Murder Statistics.

The Vast Majority Of Those Stopped Are Innocent.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have continued to defend the use of the program, saying that it saves lives.

Read the rest of the list at the Huffington Post.

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