NYPD Cops Slam West Indian Parade-Goers Online

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If you thought NYPD officers being caught on camera dirty dancing with West Indian Day parade-goers was bad, prepare yourself for this.


The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau might need to look into comments made by cops on a Facebook group calling the parade-goers "savages" and "animals." One cop even took it as far as saying that a bomb should be dropped on the parade.

"I say have the parade one more year and when they all gather drop a bomb and wipe them all out," wrote a group member, who said he was a police officer.

The remarks were made on a Facebook group called "No More West Indian Day Detail." The group was reportedly created for cops who resented being assigned to work the Brooklyn parade.

The annual parade celebrating New York's Caribbean community was marred by violence this year when two officers were wounded in a shooting.

"Why is everyone calling this a parade? It's a scheduled riot," one comment read.

The Facebook group disappeared two days after it was discovered by a New York lawyer.


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