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NYC Restaurant Worker Employee Fired After Telling Customers That ‘Everybody’ Knows the Manager Is Racist

@JypsyJeyfree via Instagram screenshot
@JypsyJeyfree via Instagram screenshot

A Brooklyn, N.Y., restaurant employee is out of a job after she was caught on video telling customers that “everybody” knows the manager is racist before kicking them out of the eatery.


Viral video from the scene at Dumbo Kitchen was posted to Instagram on Sunday and quickly went viral.

Jypsy Jeyfree wrote in the caption of the video that the employee said that the restaurant was closing “in the most hateful, disrespectful and rude manner,” prompting the tense encounter, according to the New York Daily News.


“Your manager doesn’t like black people, honey,” the woman filming can be heard telling the white restaurant employee.

“Everybody in here knows that already!” the employee retorts before she kicks them out. “Get out!”

On top of that, apparently annoyed that she’s being filmed with her disgusting attitude, the employee actually approaches the woman filming and seemingly attempts to smack the phone out of her hand.


“True racism at its finest,” Jeyfree said under the Instagram post. “As she straight kicked us out and jumped in my face saying she would beat me up.. This world that we live in is in a spiritual warfare ! I am APPALLED! STOP THE HATE ! Was I threat ? Do y’all hear my tone as I told her you didn’t have to tell me that ? After I asked her for management name .. Why the negative energy ?”

Dumbo Kitchen soon took up the issue after the post went viral, announcing that both the employee and the manager who was on duty that night had been fired.


The restaurant’s owner, Adam Ragib, told the Daily News that he is considering filing a civil claim against the now fired employee.


“It came as an absolute shock. It’s something we don’t believe in for one second,” Ragib said.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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In 2017, if someone points a phone at you and you don’t stop whatever rant you’re on, racist or otherwise, you deserve everything that befalls you in the aftermath.