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A black senior at Fordham University in the Bronx, N.Y., found the n-word scrawled across the door of her dormitory room in February, according to the Daily News. The student, Melissa Wright, found the racial slur written on her door in black marker.


"It was just disbelief," Wright told the Daily News. "The longer I saw it, it was really hurtful." The slur was sanded over, but it took school officials nine days to repaint the door, she said.

The incident is one of two that have occurred recently: Last Friday the n-word was also found scratched into a patch covering a hole in a men's bathroom on campus. "The university thinks this is an isolated incident, when in reality, students of color feel isolated every day," Wright said.


Wright and other black students, who make up 5 percent of the school's population, have been critical of the university's slow response to bias incidents in the past.

"There have been so many covert racist things that happened throughout my four years that it's almost like you're paralyzed and numb to something this big," said black senior Rachel Jones.

School officials released a statement saying that they are investigating the matter and will not tolerate bias. "Many within our community have expressed understandable concern over this incident," wrote Jeffrey Gray, senior vice president for student affairs. "Staff, faculty, students and student leaders have expressed similar sentiments, which I will reinforce here: There is no place in our community for behavior of this nature."

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