Guns and bars? A bad idea.

Straight from our "What could you possibly be thinking?" file, WCNC is reporting that legislation making its way through the North Carolina General Assembly would allow anyone with a concealed-carry permit to carry the weapon into a restaurant, bar or park. Beth Shayne reports, "We are looking to make sure that deterrence is the order of the day in restaurants and parks," explained the president of Grass Roots North Carolina, Paul Valone, who played in part in crafting a bill that passed the North Carolina House Wednesday. "Since we passed conceal carry, for 16 years, concealed permit holders have proven themselves to be sane, sober and law abiding," he explained. "Essentially, by banning firearms, let's say in a public park, you actually create a victim disarmament zone which would draw violent predators to that area."

Opponents say the "logic" is flawed. Shayne reports, "The sad truth is that more guns just equal more guns. No valid statistical evidence exists to show that allowing concealed weapons in more locations reduces crime," wrote Roxane Kolar, executive director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence. "To the contrary, evidence suggests that loosening restrictions on concealed guns may actually increase crime. A recent study found that states with higher gun-ownership rates and weak gun laws have the highest rates of overall gun death."

That's not really rocket science. Mixing alcohol and guns is a bad idea, not to mention dangerous. In this country, more guns mean more violence, not less.

Read more at WCNC.

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