Nooses Placed Outside Illinois School Over MLK Day Weekend Spur Police Investigation

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A pair of nooses found outside an Illinois high school over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday has spurred a hate crime investigation by local authorities.


According to NBC News, the nooses were found hanging from the bleachers of a field at York Community High School by a group of adults playing a game of soccer over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. “The adults removed the ropes themselves and took them away with the intent to give them to school administrators later,” the Elmhurst Police department said in a statement. “School Administrators were contacted on Monday and informed Elmhurst Police Investigators.”

There were two messages taped on the nooses, with one saying “Let them play!” and the other “Hear us now! Please!” Can’t even front, I’m going to be big mad if this is some racist-ass protest against distanced learning.

If that winds up being the case, why didn’t they tape the message to, I don’t know, a ball or something? Unless you’re asking for the kids to be allowed to play hangman, which I’m pretty sure no one is preventing them from doing. This whole thing is just weird, and I honestly hope they find who did it because I have several questions.

Also, why do folks always feel the need to show their racism around MLK Day? At this point, the routine is somehow both fucked up yet entirely predictable. Regardless of the note, hanging up nooses over the MLK Day weekend sends a very specific message.

Bleh. I’m just tired of stupid people, y’all.

Elmhurst police are currently investigating the matter as a hate crime and have said that they will increase patrols around the school and the community around it.


“The City of Elmhurst has no tolerance for symbols of hatred, oppression, and violence,” police said in their statement. “One of our City’s core services is to provide safety for the Elmhurst residents and the community.”

The school plans to install more security cameras and sent a letter out to parents after the nooses were found, according to Newsweek.


“Regardless of intent, this act decries the principles, values, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose holiday we paused to celebrate today,” the letter read. “We further pledge to be courageous leaders, who will ensure that symbols of hatred, oppression, and violence have no place in our school district and in the city of Elmhurst.”

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This will continue to escalate across this country until there is a reckoning. The box is open and these racist cowards will continue until there is sustained violence.