Nigerian Nobel Prize Winner Wole Soyinka is causing quite a stir in the UK with a column in Sunday's Times of London. Soyinka says the UK's traditional tolerance of a wide variety of views has turned it into a breeding ground for terrorists.

The truth is that Britain has created a breeding ground for religious terrorists. I have a number of Muslim friends in Nigeria who have expressed fears that their sons, who are studying at British universities, might be caught up in Islamic fundamentalism. They are worried about the company they are keeping and by changes in their attitudes. Their children are becoming intolerant of other religions, developing a kind of holier-than-thou stance even towards their fellow Muslims. Holier, or purer, than thou โ€” that sums up the mental conditioning. It is the beginning of a religious psychopathy that ends in bombs in underpants. One friend with a son at university in the northeast of England has not โ€” yet โ€” pulled his son out but he is certainly keeping a watchful eye on him. He has reason to be worried.

The entire article is on the newspaper's web site here.