There's been an e-mail going around advising black folks on unacceptable behavior now that Obama has won. We at The Root thought we'd add a few tips of our own.

1. No Negro spirituals or quotes from Dr. King. John Hope Franklin can get away with this. The rest of us cannot.


2. Don't go up to every "redneck-y" looking person and gloat. "It hurts don't it? It burrrrnnss!" Dave Chappelle warned us about parading our pride too much.

3. Don't corner your white coworkers to give them a tutorial on black culture just because "the president is black and it's 'bout time y'all learn!"


4. Don't go to your local DMV, post office or other government office and try to jump the line, talkin' 'bout, "Barack's got my back."

5. Do not promise to name your first child after Barack Obama. We've come far, but Barack Obama Jackson does not have as much of a ring to it as you think.

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