No Props to Prada for Hiring 1 Black Model After 19 Years

Screenshot of model Malaika Firth in a Prada ad
Screenshot of model Malaika Firth in a Prada ad

Prada did something it hasn't done in 19 years: cast a black model in one of its ads. Writing at Clutch magazine, Britni Danielle is not impressed and cautions fashion buyers and cultural critics against congratulating the fashion house for an occurrence that should happen more frequently, given the diversity that exists in the fashion consumer base.  

Kenyan-born, British-raised Malaika Firth is the first sista to snag a Prada ad since Naomi Campbell in 1994.


Let that sink in.

Though some are giving the Italian house props and wondering if this will signal a new, more inclusive era for Prada, I won’t hold my breath.

The fashion industry is one of contradictions. While it pats itself on the back for “all black editorials” and including black models in a show (After a brand has been publicly shamed, no less. Hello, Dior), it continues to literally prefer white skin while craving everyone’s dollars.


Read Britni Danielle's entire piece at Clutch magazine.  

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Britni Danielle is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and novelist. She has covered pop culture, politics and race for outlets such as Essence, Jet and Clutch. Follow her on Twitter

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