No More Tears for Tyrese? Judge Sides with Actor in Messy Childcare Dispute

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Whether it’s feuding with the Rock, melting down on social media, or just doing whatever it is Tyrese Gibson does nowadays, one gets the feeling he is in deep need of a W. And it appears he got one recently, thanks to a judge siding with the actor in a dispute with ex-wife Norma Gibson over childcare costs for their 11-year-old daughter.


According to TMZ, who got their hands on some of the court docs in the ongoing case, the judge ruled that Norma couldn’t expect Tyrese to foot the bill for babysitting if she was running “non-work errands.” If that seems like a very specific bone to pick, it stems from an incident back in August when Norma apparently ran up 7 hours worth of babysitting fees. When asked what she was doing that day by Tyrese’s lawyer, Norma reportedly replied, “living life.” She later clarified that statement, adding, “I am working on my book. I am working on my life. I am running errands at home.”

According to the judge, acceptable reasons for Norma to get Tyrese-funded childcare include developing her life coach business, working on her book, or pursuing her art, writes the gossip news website. The judge also recommended—per Tyrese’s request—that Norma “maintain a diary of time spent on work.”

If Tyrese seems pretty hard-pressed about childcare costs, it’s because money has been an issue for the actor, who has limited bookings outside anything with the name “Fast and Furious” in the title. Back in August, Norma fired back at Tyrese for blaming his failing career on “false domestic abuse allegations” she lobbied against him, pointing out that she didn’t force dude to get into an embarrassing public back-and-forth with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. (We’re also assuming she didn’t advise him, in her life coach capacity, to meltdown on every social media outlet he could find, earning him the nickname “Cry-rese.”)

As TMZ reported, Tyrese says he’s only making $51,000 a month, while his monthly expenses top more than $110,000. Yikes. Sounds like someone else can benefit from a little “how I spend my time” diary.

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So, this lady can’t run errands and use a babysitter, but Tyrese can earn $51,000 a month and cry poor because he’s got a spending problem?


For the record, if Norma has primary custody because Tyrese is an unstable abuser (and all signs point to dude being an unstable abuser), then sorry but running household errands is kind of one of those things you can reasonably expect to hire a babysitter for. Errands gotta get run sometime and 7 hours is barely enough time, especially when you are actually doing work in there too.   Trying to run errands with a kid just makes for a cranky kid, a cranky mom, and no errands actually getting run.  

In short, I think this is bullshit and the judge’s way of punishing her being the better parent.  What, you don’t think that happens in family court?  Because it absolutely fucking does.