'No More Down Low' Series Seeks to Dispel Myths


Creators of a new star-studded online show called No More Down Low, which launched this week, hope that the show will dispel myths about the LGBT community and show its various members in a more balanced light. Hosted by Jonathan Plummer, the Jamaican native infamous for giving author Terry McMillan her groove back (and summarily taking it away again once he came out of the closet), and actress Janora McDuffie, the monthly show launched on Monday in conjuction with National Coming Out Day. Plummer told Black America Web that the show's creators are trying to lessen the divide between straights and gays. "They'll definitely be surprised with what we're doing to help people," he said. "The show is very authentic." Watch at nomoredownlow.tv.

Read more at Black America Web.

Lauren is a former Deputy Editor of The Root.


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