No Charges Filed Against Man Who Flew KKK Flag Near Black Woman’s Home

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Photo: John Moore (Getty Images)

A Michigan prosecutor has declined to file charges against a man who hung a KKK flag near a Black woman’s home.


According to NBC News, 57-year-old JeDonna Dinges of Grosse Pointe Park, said the Klan flag was hung in a window of her neighbor’s home two weeks ago. The flag was placed so that she could clearly see the flag from outside of her dining room window, and Dinges already had prior concerns after finding a full gas can in her recycle bin. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, a Black woman, said that while the conduct by the neighbor was horrible, an ethnic intimidation charge can’t be filed because it would require physical contact, property damage, or a verbal threat.

“There is absolutely no question that what happened to Ms. Dinges was despicable, traumatizing and completely unacceptable,” Worthy said. “But, very unfortunately in my view, not a crime. The KKK flag, while intending to be visible to Ms. Dinges, was hanging inside of her neighbor’s house.”

The flag was eventually taken down after cops entered the house and swapped the KKK flag with a large cloth. City Manager Nick Sizeland told the Detroit Free Press that the neighbor’s girlfriend told authorities that they put the flag up because they couldn’t afford a curtain.

Every time racists try to concoct an excuse on how they’re not racist, it just winds up confirming how stupid they are. They can’t put up a regular ass sheet? A blanket? Shit, they probably believe QAnon, might as well go full conspiracy theorist and put tin foil over the window.

Additionally, they got money to buy a KKK flag, but they’re scraping the couch for change when it comes to buying a curtain? Granted, they might give flags out during the annual KKK luncheon, but clearly I’ve never been invited, so I wouldn’t know.

No matter what dumbass excuse they try to make, the problem isn’t just that they hung it in the window. It’s the fact they even own one in the first place. Dinges put it pretty well herself, telling reporters “The average person would not own a klan flag, which is a true symbol of hatred.”


Dinges and Worthy both hope that this incident will spur Michigan lawmakers into crafting more concise hate crime laws to prevent Black residents from having to deal with this kind of behavior, or at the very least provide some recourse should racists feel like showing their asses.

“I strongly encourage the Michigan Legislature to look, revise and create laws to protect citizens from this kind of horrible conduct,” Worthy said.



What kind of charges could they have filed?