No Charges Against Pants-Sagging US Airways Passenger, and More

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No charges against pants-sagging US Airways passenger: California prosecutors have decided not to file charges against the 20-year-old University of New Mexico football player who was booted off a US Airways flight in June in a dispute over his saggy pants.

Oprah becomes CEO of OWN: Oprah is taking complete control of her struggling OWN network by becoming its new CEO. In a letter posted on Facebook, she said, "It's an incredible challenge ahead trying to figure out what kind of shows and programming will resonate with you, inspire you, bring a little piece of light into your already crowded existence. But I feel called to do it, and will be relying on your feedback, emails and tweets and message boards to let me know what you think."

Hollywood diversity initiatives: The Atlanta Post has a list of diversity initiatives that have offered a proven path for African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans to launch careers in television and film. 


Black officers group assails charges against African-American cop: A black law-enforcement advocacy group is criticizing prosecutors for filing an assault charge against an African-American Seattle police officer involved in an off-duty brawl while not charging two white Seattle officers who stomped on a prone Latino suspect in another incident.

In other news: Violence Against Migrant Women Won't End With DSK Case.

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