NJ Man Accused of Killing Wife; Search Continues for Body

Kyle Crosby; Erica Crosby 

Kyle Crosby, a New Jersey man accused of killing his wife, had his bail set at $1.2 million by a Burlington County, N.J., judge Tuesday because he is considered a flight risk, Fox News reports.

According to the report, prosecutors noted that Crosby—a drug addict, according to prosecutors—fled to Baltimore last week when police were closing in on him.


His wife, Erica Crosby, was last seen New Year’s Eve, and as police search for her body, they are not revealing how they know that the 26-year-old woman is dead.

Fox News reports that the probe into the Crosbys began Jan. 7 when Erica Crosby’s 7-year-old daughter from another relationship did not show up at school after Christmas break. The couple also had a 3-month-old daughter together. Police went to their home, only to be told by Kyle Crosby that he had not seen his wife since New Year’s Eve, when they went to a bar together.

The very next day, investigators said, Kyle Crosby attempted to flee, getting as far as Baltimore. Before he was arrested, the man had already been charged with endangering the children because of the lack of “care he provided … in the absence of his wife,” according to the report.

“This man is a flight risk,” Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Jim Ronca told the judge as he suggested the high bail. “In addition, he is a drug addict.”


According to the news site, Kyle Crosby is addicted to painkillers and has a criminal record that includes arrests for drug possession and distribution, burglary, and aggravated assault.

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