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In a stunning twist of events that can only be described as kismet, it seems as if some savvy Nigerian scammers are now masquerading as Rachel Dolezal in some of their emails designed to extort money from hapless people.

On Tuesday afternoon, comics writer Alex DeCampi took to Twitter with a screenshot of what appeared to be an email message from one “Mrs. Rachel H. Dolezal,” who described herself as a “59 years old” U.S. citizen from Jacksonville, Fla.


“[I] am thinking of relocating since I am now right, I am one of those that took part in The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC Oil Compensation award payment in Africa and they refused to pay me,” the email reads. “I had over US$26,000 white in the US, trying to get my payment to no avail.”

From there, the email goes on to describe how the sender supposedly received compensation from the NNPC to the tune of $18.5 million and that you too can collect your reward by simply sending “Barrister George Alex” the small sum of $585.

When you actually run a search for the “Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC Oil Compensation,” the full text of the email is one of the first hits that pop up on ScamWarners, a popular blog where people catalog these types of traps. This particular email appears to have been first sent out earlier this past January, but considering that the actual Rachel Dolezal’s on the press circuit promoting her new book, it seems as if others are trying to glom on to her identity to make a quick buck.


Life’s funny like that sometimes.

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