Nigerian Plane Crash: 153 Feared Dead

Lagos, Nigeria (Getty Images)
Lagos, Nigeria (Getty Images)

As many as 153 people were aboard a flight that crashed into a two-story building in Lagos, Nigeria, today, and authorities in the country do not believe there are any survivors. MSNBC reports that in addition to the passengers and crew of the Dana Airlines passenger jet, an unknown number of people on the ground may have been injured or killed.



The plane was heading from Abuja, the capital, to Lagos when it went down about 3:30 p.m. local time (10:30 a.m. ET), authorities said. It crashed into a building and broke into two before burning up, witnesses said.


Local reports indicated that at least three buildings were severely damaged, one of them a church. Nigerian Eye reported from the scene that bodies could be seen burning on the ground, while pictures on the Internet showed large plumes of smoke across the city.

Police said they had recovered the plane's voice recorder. Al Jazeera reported from Abuja that witnesses said the the plane may have hit a power line in clear and sunny weather.

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