NFL’s Richie Incognito Wanted to Cut Off His Dead Father’s Head, Gets 2 Game Suspension. Kaepernick Still Doesn’t Have a Job

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In August Richie Incognito walked into the funeral home in charge of burying his father and told those working that he needed access to his dead father’s body so he could cut off his head.


Incognito told the workers that if he didn’t get access to his father’s dead body that he was going to shoot the workers. The funeral home workers called the police and according to the police report, guns were found in Incognito’s truck.

Incognito was not in the NFL during this time.

Incognito pled guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in March, and the Oakland Raiders signed him two months later. On Friday the NFL, the same league that is actively working to white ball former quarterback Colin Kaepernick whose only crime has been protesting for black lives, handed down their sentence for Incognito’s lawless and disturbing behavior.


Two games. That’s it.

That’s all that threatening to shoot up a funeral home and the sick request of wanting to saw off your dead father’s head carries. Meanwhile protesting Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job for the outlandish crime of protesting black death during white America’s beloved national anthem. At this point I’m convinced that white America wants to have a threesome with the American flag and the national anthem in Russian prostitute pee-soaked bed.

Incognito’s entire career has been a walking embarrassment to the league that continues to take back domestic abusers, drug users, violent criminals and openly racist assholes like Incognito.

From CBS Sports:

Incognito is best known for his role in the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal that plagued the Dolphins in 2013. He spent the entire 2014 season out of the league, but returned in 2015 to play for the Bills. He spent three seasons in Buffalo and earned three trips to the Pro Bowl, but retired following the 2017 season citing health concerns only to unretire in May 2018. One year later, after a couple off-field incidents including the one that got him suspended, Incognito found his new NFL home in Oakland.


The NFL has proven that they don’t give a shit about anything that happens off the field as long as the player brings that same crazy energy onto it. Incognito is a four-time Pro Bowler and that’s all the Raiders saw when they signed him. The Raiders, like every other team in the NFL, wants to win and they don’t care if Incognito cut his dead father’s head off and wore it into the locker room on a dookie gold rope as long as he could help protect Derek Carr and keep him upright.

The only way that the NFL takes a stand against a player is if they do the outrageous like kneeling during the national anthem, and then the NFL knows how to put its foot down on a player’s neck.


Just ask Colin Kaepernick who’s yet to threaten to shoot or behead anyone and who still doesn’t have an NFL home.

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So Tom Brady gets 4 games for deflating footballs, Zeke Elliott gets 6 games despite their being no proof of wrongdoing, Kareem Hunt got released from The Chiefs and an 8 game suspension for hitting a white girl, who called him and his friends niggers by the way and our good friend Ritchie gets two games despite being the subject of a bullying investigation that drove a teammate to suicidal thoughts and this latest incident. I mean is The NFL even trying? By the way the players I all mentioned are ten times better than A FUCKING GUARD!!! Let me repeat this A GUARD!!! Not a pass rusher, QB or offensive difference maker a A GUARD!!! For real Kap should just walk onto a fucking field at training camp and dare them to do something. The fact that The Raiders went out of their way to bring this piece of shit back to the league says it all. Really ESPN spare me your bullshit speeches about “culture” and “team.” Any team or league that gives this piece of shit a chance deserves to be mocked.