Newt Gingrich Misfires on Libya


If you don't like Newt Gingrich's carefully considered and passionately argued position on the U.S. intervention in Libya, just wait. Recent history suggests that within days he'll be saying the opposite of whatever he's saying now.

My best guess is that for the moment, at least, Gingrich kind of supports President Obama's decision to use military force against Libyan despot Muammar Qaddafi, or at least that he hopes it succeeds. But it's hard to be certain. On Libya, the former House speaker has shown the ability to be both pro and con with equal moral certainty and intellectual arrogance.


Why does it matter if a man known for rhetorical bomb throwing happens to lob a few contradictory grenades? Because when Gingrich said on Fox News Sunday that he hopes to announce his candidacy for president within a month, nobody laughed. There's no clear front-runner for the Republican nomination, and one has to assume that anything can happen.

In that same interview, Gingrich completed the final full twist in a "flip-flop-flip" maneuver that would have merited perfect "10s" in an Olympic diving competition — demonstrating why he should never, ever be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.


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