How fun is it to highlight people who have set back the progress of women on the anniversary of women winning the right to vote? Newstimes.com has done exactly that with its second annual "Equal Rites" Awards, dedicated to those who have done more to set women back in the last 12 months than to help them move forward. The Blind Justice Award went to Rome's all-male clerics who ruled that ordaining women is as grave a crime in church law as pedophilia. The Backlash Trailblazer Award went to the producers of Fly Girls, a reality show about flight attendants that reminds us of the bad old days when airlines offered "coffee, tea or me" and sold seats with sly ads saying, "Fly Me, I'm Cheryl." The Sisterhood Is (Not Always) Powerful Award went to California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, who trashed her opponent, Sen. Barbara Boxer, saying, "What is that hair? So yesterday." There are more awards, and some are hysterical — pun intended.

Check out more "Equal Rites" Awards at Newstimes.com.


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