NEWS STAND: Noose Leads Students to Storm Office, Pro-Life Blacks

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Latest in "Compton Cookout" Controversy

Black students at University of California in San Diego have finally had enough. First there was the off-campus "Compton Cookout" party parodying black stereotypes. When black students complained, the campus TV station mocked them with a racist broadcast. Black students and others protested that, after which a noose was found dangling in a library on campus. Fed up with the harassment, students took over the chancellor's office for several hours. NEW YORK TIMES: San Diego Students Storm Office After Noose Found

Are Black Children an Endangered Species?

If you want to get black people to take notice of an issue, all you have to do is say it relates to us as an "endangered species." That's what pro-lifers have done. A national campaign features billboards that call black children an endangered species, and outreach is spearheaded by Catherine Davis, a black woman. NEW YORK TIMES: To Court Blacks, Foes of Abortion Make Racial Case


Where Are The Supermarkets in Black Neighborhoods?

Some 23.5 million Americans currently live in food deserts, with no access to supermarkets selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Far too many blacks are among them.  First Lady Michelle Obama is taking on this topic as a part of her battle against childhood obesity in the U.S. Over six million children live in urban and rural food deserts. WHITE HOUSE BLOG: Taking on "Food Deserts"

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