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A Political Dynasty: Height and Hooks

The loss of Dorothy Height and Benjamin Hooks, two people who played significant roles in the civil rights movement is major. It's so major that we don't have anything cynical or skeptical to say. We have lost a generation of consistent, game-changing leadership and that is a fact. Who will step-up and step-in to create change that will enhance the lives of all Americans?


Yeah, Right: SEC chief pledges better oversight of banks

Excuse us for letting out a collective sigh from holding our breath, waiting for the SEC to do something. We're wondering just what the SEC has been doing for the last decade? Between the debacle that is Lehman Brothers, A.I.G., and Goldman Sachs, twiddling their thumbs is a sure bet of how they've been spending their time while these companies have been spending our money. We don't know what the SEC is going to do. One thing that we do know for sure is that if we did our jobs as poorly as the SEC, we'd be fired.

Two Snaps Up: Obama Heckled by Gay Rights Activists

Oh snap, President Obama is catching hell from all sides. Health care reform, potential Supreme Court nominees, financial industry regulation, failure to visit Haiti -still, and now getting heckled for backtracking on "Don't ask, don't tell." We guess he thought ordering same-sex visits at hospitals would get him off of the hook. Guess not.


Precious the Biography: Mo'Nique's brother admits he molested her

From the TMI file, Academy award-winning actress/comedienne Mo'Nique's brother admitted that he molested her on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Lady O's uncanny ability to continue to go where no one should ever go gave a platform to this predator who couldn't really articulate why he was confessing on national television. We think he's a paper chaser. How ironic that Lady O has come out swinging against Kitty Kelley's unauthorized bio, but doesn't seem to recognize the parallels between what Kelley is doing to her and what she does to others. Consent or no-consent, some matters should remain private.


Eau de Desperation: Chris Brown to host Haiti benefit concert in Va.

Is that Eau de Desperation we smell? It's the fragrance of choice by celebrities who will do anything to be in the limelight. Case in point - Breezy. Chris Brown is back and trying to repair his image by hosting a benefit concert for Haiti. This seems about as genuine as his career-ending appearance on Larry King Live. We're all for supporting Haiti, but Chris Brown, not so much. This young man is desperate to stay in the limelight, when going away and getting himself together is what he needs. What we need is for him to stop trying to force himself onto a public that is less and less adoring. Take "Run It," one step further and keep it moving.


Murder was the case: Notorious B.I.G. wrongful death lawsuit dismissed


The wrongful death suit brought by Biggie Smalls' estate against the City of Los Angeles has been dismissed. Ironically, this dismissal clears the way for criminal charges in the rapper's murder. How? Sealed documents related to the civil case are now available to those investigating the criminal case. In the words of the late rapper Guru, we just might get our moment of truth and finally learn who took out Brooklyn's finest.  

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