NEWS STAND: Another No-Fly Failure, Los Suns Protest Arizona Law, Sheila Johnson's Belated Shame, and more..

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No-Fly List Fail: Security slip let suspect on plane, near takeoff


What exactly is the point of a no-fly list if wannabe terrorists are going to be allowed on the plane anyway? How is it that us regular folks get searched and seized for things like mascara, lipstick, hand lotion and belt buckles? Suspected terrorist Faisal Shahzad reserved a one-way ticket on his way to JFK airport, paid for it in cash and coasted through security to secure a seat on his Emirates flight. We're not security experts, but even we know that one-way tickets bought in cash is an indicator of terrorist behavior. How do we know? September 11, 2001. We're just saying.

Cinco de Mayo Justice: Phoenix Suns to wear 'Los Suns' uniforms to honor Phoenix's Latino community

First Major League Baseball gives Arizona the finger, and now the Phoenix Suns. It's about time. The NBA needs to join MLB, the National Urban League and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in its boycott of all things Arizona. The Phoenix Suns playing in Los Suns jerseys on Cinco de Mayo is more of a symbolic gesture, but there are enough Latino players in the league , NBA players married to and making babies with Latinas to suggest that the NBA take a stronger stand on this bogus Arizona anti-immigration law.

A Low Down Dirty Shame: FDA Found Bacteria in Lots for Recalled Tylenol

Customer service has gone awry. How do you not respond to 46 complaints of black specs found in your products? Guess what happens when you don't? The FDA steps in and strongly suggests that you recall the products. That's not how we define voluntary recall. We call that being low down, especially when the products are for children. The failure to address the issue of bacteria in your products before being called on the carpet - that's called a dirty shame, pun intended.  

Founder of BET Sheila Johnson "Ashamed" Of Channel


Speaking of low down and dirty shame, Sheila Johnson is at it again. The more Sheila Johnson talks, the less we want to hear the words coming out of her mouth (in our best Chris Tucker voice). The fact that she thinks that BET's programming just went downhill is an indicator of how completely out of touch she is with the real world. BET has been a thorn in the side of the African-American community for some time now. She needs to be ashamed that she's just publicly speaking out about the negative imagery that has annihilated images of blacks in television.  She wasn't ashamed when she was lining her pockets at the expense of the black community, so why be ashamed now? Please go somewhere and be a billionaire.  

Los Angeles Blows Weed High: Orders 439 medical marijuana dispensaries to close,0,7354914.story?track=rss


You thought you saw protests over the anti-immigration law? You haven't seen anything yet. Los Angeles is not going to go gently into that good night over this mandate. Despite the need for medical marijuana in the treatment of numerous cancers and chronic conditions, Los Angeles is the home of the sticky. Folks are serious about their weed, medical and non-medical. So expect to hear more about this.  They don't call Los Angeles "La La Land" for nothing.