Mark Carson (Facebook)

Mother Jones reports that at least 1,500 people marched through the streets of New York City's West Village Monday, demonstrating against the murder of 32-year-old Mark Carson and the month of homophobic violence that preceded it.

Community leaders told Mother Jones that Carson's death is part of a trend in increasing violence against gay people (New York City saw five incidents this May alone):

 Mark Carson, 32, was shot in the face and killed Friday night as he walked with a friend. Police have charged Elliot Morales, 33, with second-degree murder and a hate crime, accusing him of hurling homophobic slurs at Carson.

Flourine Bompars, Carson's aunt, addressed the crowd, calling Carson "a loving and caring person" who will not be forgotten.

The audience applauded and cheered loudly after Bishop Zachary Jones of Unity Fellowship Church of Christ, East New York, shouted, "There is room for everyone at the table of love
 and we will march and we will come closer together to make sure everyone has the right to be who they are."


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