New York City to Release Data Showing Racial Disparities in Coronavirus Impact

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As COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States, there have been more and more calls for data to be released detailing the racial disparity in cases and care. In New York City, that data will hopefully be released sooner rather than later.


NBC News reports that on Tuesday New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said current research will soon be released to show the disparity of the virus’ impact across racial lines. He said that while hospitals have been tracking age and gender, racial tracking has proved to be more difficult given the circumstances. De Blasio didn’t give a concrete date on when those numbers will be released.

Nationally, we’ve seen that COVID-19 has had an inordinate impact on minority and low-income communities. Early data has shown that black people are dying at higher rates from COVID-19. In Chicago, black people have made up nearly 70 percent of coronavirus deaths despite being only 29 percent of the population. In Michigan, black people have made up 40 percent of deaths while representing only 14 percent of the state’s population. Despite there clearly being a disparity, the majority of states have yet to include race as a factor in its coronavirus data.

Outside of the virus itself, the economic and educational impact has also disproportionately affected those same communities. Black and Latinx communities are losing jobs at a higher rate and students from minority and low-income homes are less likely to participate in online classes. There’s been a lot of talk about coronavirus being the great equalizer but so far the data has shown the opposite.

New York is currently the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and as of Tuesday, there are 378,289 in the country with 138,836 in New York.

De Blasio said Tuesday that the number of people hospitalized and in need of ventilators has “improved a bit in recent days,” NBC News reports.

“It is giving us some more time, giving us the opportunity to get more ventilators in and know we can get farther into the week,” the mayor said. “We know we bought a few more days.”

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What is it with TheRoot staff and the desire to attribute a disease infection to racism?

PoC are generally poorer. Which means they live in conditions conducive to viral spread. If they are still employed, odds are it’s in an occupation that involves working with the public and risking exposure every day.

The staff keeps using bullshit stats to make their point - like the Michigan infection rate. Apparently nobody at TheRoot is capable of figuring out that if the hot spot is in an area where Blacks are the majority - there will be a lot more sick black people.

Instead of making this about racism, why not talk about the many societal failures that make this pandemic so bad. The crowded living conditions of the poor. The often shoddy maintenance performed by landlords. That the poor are often stuck in dead end, yet crucial, jobs that pay squat. The failure of the “best healthcare system in the world” to treat the majority of the population because they can’t afford it.

Trump is an asshole, and is making it about his favorite topic. Don’t be like Trump - try talking about what the real issue is. And not the shocking news that Michigan has a lot of sick black people, when the hot spot in the state for infections is a city that is over 80% black.