New on The Root: Bobo, Lomax, Others

Lawrence D. Bobo (Stanford University); Michael Lomax (Timothy Greenfield Smith)
Lawrence D. Bobo (Stanford University); Michael Lomax (Timothy Greenfield Smith)

(The Root) — We're proud to announce that the following writers are now sharing their expertise and perspectives on The Root on a regular basis:

Michael Lomax, president of United Negro College Fund, is answering your questions about higher education and HBCU life each Thursday in his column, Ask Dr. Lomax.


Lawrence D. Bobo, the W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University, gives trenchant insights on society and politics to us Straight Up on Wednesdays in his column.

Jack White, a longtime contributing editor for The Root and former Time magazine columnist, has returned with a sharp, incisive, twice-monthly column about politics.

Check back regularly for their contributions, as well as for the weekly 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro and Tracing Your Roots columns of our editor-in-chief, Henry Louis Gates Jr.; the Image of the Week, presented by the Image of the Black in Western Art Archive; the weekly Ask Demetria relationship-advice column by Demetria L. Lucas; and Blogging the Beltway commentary by our special correspondent, Keli Goff.

We'll be announcing more additions to our editorial mix soon.