New Donald Sterling Rant Leaked: Claims V. Stiviano Is the Real Racist

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling

The Donald Sterling tapes just won't stop. Maybe he should stop speaking to anyone who isn't his lawyer?

At any rate, the Daily Mail received new recordings of the embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner allegedly speaking to his friend, black hip-hop artist Maserati, who leaked the conversation. According to the news site, the artist did so because he thought Sterling "crossed the line."


In the recordings, Sterling slams girlfriend V. Stiviano, calling her the "most discriminatory person" he's ever met and calling her out for allegedly bleaching her skin and wishing she was white. Stiviano is half black, half Mexican.

"She tried so hard to make her skin white," Sterling said. "She did it every night—her feet and her hands. She asked me did I like black skin. I really didn't think about the color of her skin.

"She was really a fighter and it was always about race—about, you know—that's what she liked to talk about and how she had such a hard time as a black girl growing up in L.A. downtown," he added.

The 80-year-old also said that it was Stiviano, 50 years his junior, who approached him and lured him in, claiming to want to be "friends." He also talked about the price he paid just to sleep with her.

"I'm paying a very high price for trying to get a girl hot and make it with her. Everybody in the world wants to f—k her. Listen, I'm telling you she was hot. It took me maybe an hour to get there, but it was hot. So why did I do it? Because I'm 80 years old," he said in the recording, according to the Daily Mail.


"I am an 80-year-old man and tried to make it with a girl. I did it before. It wasn't easy. I'd say anything to her. She was an animal," he said. "I wanted to help her as she never had food, never had clothes. She has a fabulous body and loves to have sex. What if I helped her and her family? I hate to admit it in front of my wife."

He also accused Stiviano of mistreating her family members. "If you talk to them people, you'll get all this information she's just mean. She won't feed the girls—her sisters—they go to bed without dinner. Unbelievable. She's a monster, they call her 'the Monster.' She's just 30 years old and she's the only one that's got money that she got from me—she never had it before," Sterling said. "And she was gonna wheelbarrow over everybody—everybody—she told people where to sleep, where to go, what to do, and to drive her."


Sterling's verbal assault against his girlfriend allegedly continued, down to him accusing the younger woman of trying to blackmail him and threatening to "bring [him] down" if she didn't get money.

"She wanted more money but I said no. I gave her money. I could have stopped it [the leaked recording] and give her more. But then she would have been back after two weeks," he said. "I think she picks people and then invests all of her time and energy into that. But if you don't give her what she wants, look out. Look what she did here."


Read more at the Daily Mail.

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