New Docuseries Moment of Truth Revisits Murder of Michael Jordan's Father

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For years, the circumstances surrounding the death of James Jordan, father of NBA legend Michael Jordan, have been shrouded in mystery, but now, a new docuseries is on the way that seeks to uncover the truth behind the murder that disrupted the Chicago Bulls’ 1990s basketball dynasty.


 Moment of Truth presents new compelling information on the July 23, 1993 murder that shocked the nation, created a media frenzy, and served as a catalyst for Michael’s first retirement from the NBA months later.

“It made me realize how short life is, how quickly things can end, how innocently,” Jordan said during his retirement announcement. “And I thought that there are times in one’s life when you have to put games aside. I wanted to give more time to my family. I’ve been very selfish about centering things on my basketball career. Now it’s time to be unselfish with them.”

The five-part series also unveils new details pertaining to the story behind the murder of the beloved husband and father, as well as the historical context of social injustice in Robeson County, N.C., where teenagers Larry Demery and Daniel Green were charged and convicted of the crime.

Moment of Truth will also feature on-camera interviews with Green and his lawyer, Christine Mumma, the executive director of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence; exclusive archival footage that hasn’t been accessed since 1996; court documents; evidence photos from the case; and never-before-released trial audio.

For true crime junkies, this sounds like the perfect recipe for your next fix, and with every episode of Moment of Truth set to premiere on April 2—exclusively on IMDb TV—this could be the next big documentary to set social media on fire.

I look forward to checking this out and hopefully it provides the Jordan family with some level of closure, if they haven’t been able to achieve that already.

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Woke Up Dead

I remember reading an article years ago that strongly suggested that the two young men convicted of the murder were railroaded, and implying that the real reason for the murder were unpaid gambling debts (either Jordan’s or Jordan Sr.’s, don’t remember exactly). The gambling debt part was a bit sensationalistic, but railroading a couple of teenagers seemed believable.