New Bops or New Bras: What Exactly Is Rihanna Teasing?

Photo: Christopher Polk (Getty Images for NARAS)

Updated Friday, April 20, 2018, 2:54 p.m. EDT: Aaaannnd it turns out it’s lingerie. So kiss your hopes for new Rihanna music goodbye (for now).


The singer confirmed over social media that she’s about to “light this up” with the Savage x Fenty lingerie collection, dropping on a yet unannounced date.

Well, there goes our coin once again (Rihanna, you moneymaking genius), but at least we’ll be cute.


It’s April 20, and what better way to honor that date than to wildly speculate on whether unofficial-but-so-official queen Robyn Rihanna Fenty will be dropping new music soon.


Listen, she’s been dropping hints, and we need to talk about them.

Rihanna has been steady dropping beauty bangers on us for months now, blessing the world with shimmering highlighters, lipsticks in all manners of shades and a new product called “body lava” that promises to turn your body into a walking Swarovski crystal. But that hasn’t stopped scores of ungrateful cretins fans from wondering, “Where’s the new music, though?”


Now, over the last two days, Rihanna has been teasing ... something. One Instagram post Wednesday from Rihanna’s account shows two TVs stacked on top of each other with the caption, “didn’t they tell u?”


Hrmmm. No Rihanna, what ever could you mean?

She followed that mysterious post the next day with another on Instagram, this time a soundless video clip with the caption “X.”


Some are speculating that Rihanna could be teasing her new lingerie line, noting that she was wearing some covetable bralettes while doing demos of her new Fenty Beauty body luminizer. Others noted that Rihanna, who has released eight full-length albums over the course of her 11-year career, is “slightly overdue” for a ninth album, given her regular pace.


I mean, can an icon breathe? Damn.

Whatever it is—be it some warm-weather-ready lingerie or some new bops for the summer, we can’t wait to see what Rihanna’s got up her sleeve.

Staff writer, The Root.



ok listen what she did with river island was her best style phase, imo. i hated fenty x puma. and lately her style has been ok. but if she drops a lingerine line, i swear to god me and my little titties will be first in line. if there is anyone, anyone, who understands and lives being sexy its rih. on god i will put myself into bankruptcy to snatch up her lingerine line.