Did NeNe Leaks drunk-dial Anderson Cooper? Yes, according to the CNN anchor. Luckily he's "really impressed" by NeNe and admittedly enjoys the Bravo show, so he didn't seem to mind: "I got drunk-dialed by NeNe Leakes. I have now met her, but at that point I had never met her," Cooper told an audience at PromaxBDA: The Conference 2011. "So I'm sitting there doing the news, and during the commercial break my phone dials, and it's NeNe Leakes in the back of a limousine — I think clearly drunk — yelling, 'Don't be tardy to the party.' And that was before Kim Zolciak had the song."

"Afropreneur" wants libraries across Africa: The goal of Libraries Across Africa program was simple: "Empower individuals through access to information." By establishing low-cost infrastructure for libraries and connecting people directly with computer training, even the poorest communities can become more self-sustaining, founder Idris Bello says.

Man detained after threatening first family: An Oregon man has been detained for a mental-health evaluation after appearing in federal court Tuesday to face charges that he threatened to kill President Barack Obama and his family. He reportedly told Secret Service agent Ronald Brown that he made the call because he was frustrated that the president has not sent him a check for $70 million, which he claims he is owed from a trust fund set up at his birth. All-righty, then …


Meet baseball's top black woman: Wendy Lewis has managed to build one of the most successful and long-standing careers in Major League Baseball. And she says she's ready to partner with minority businesses.

 In other news: Spike Lee Nets Almost $1.5 Million in Film Fracas.

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