Jacobia Lane

Gastonia, N.C., police are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a home Saturday, killing a woman and injuring a teenager, WSOC-TV reports.

According to the report, the woman, Jacobia Lane, was in town for her sister-in-law's funeral.


Lane and about 30 others were at her brother's home around midnight Saturday when someone opened fire on the residence. WSOC-TV reports that more than a dozen bullets were fired into the home, killing Lane.

Lane's brother, Timothy English, said that after they had laid his wife to rest Saturday morning, the group had returned to his house in order to comfort one another.


"This is not somebody who goes and does wrong. She is someone who loves her family,” English said of his sister.

The family is asking for the shooter to come forward.

“We don't want no one else to hurt like we're hurting,” English said. “Just please do the right thing; that's all I ask.”


Lane's husband added his voice to the pleas, saying that he is not angry with the shooter, but added, "We want them to come forward and face justice."

A teen who was also in the house at the time of the shooting was hit in the arm, but he will be OK, police said.


No arrests have been made in the shooting, and police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.


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