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North Carolina Senate kills eugenics compensation: The plan to compensate people who were sterilized under the state's eugenics program is reportedly unlikely to go through because the state Senate scratched it off the budget Wednesday.

Nicki Minaj engaging with the White House over health care? She sent a series of furious tweets about Yvette Wilson's experience with her illness — now Questlove is trying to harness her passion for politics.


Game of Thrones attack ads: What would it look like if super PACs and dark-money groups existed in the world of the HBO hit series? Check out Mother Jones' creative answers to that question.

NYC: Jobs rebound, but blacks miss out: For months now, New York officials have been highlighting how the city has regained all the jobs lost during the long recession and then some. But by several measures, the city's recovery has left black New Yorkers behind.

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