Peter Moses Jr. received two life sentences. (ABC News)
Peter Moses Jr. received two life sentences. (ABC News)

The Daily News is reporting that the head of a polygamous sect was given two life sentences on Friday for the murders of a 4-year-old boy and one of his five wives, who tried to escape his cult.

Prosecutors in Durham, N.C., found Peter Moses Jr. responsible for the shooting deaths of little Jadon Higganbothan and 28-year-old Antoinetta McKoy — two innocent victims of the "Black Hebrew Israelites."

Moses called himself the chosen leader of one of the ancient tribes of Israel. His wives called him "Lord." But Yvonne McKoy, the mother of the slain Antoinetta, called the 28-year-old a liar.

"This man deceived me," Yvonne said as she confronted Moses in court on Friday. "He took something very dear and precious from me."

"To know [my daughter] begged for her life is even more painful," WNCN heard the mother say. "I don't know if you want to apologize. That's your choice."

Hearing that plea, Moses responded, "I'm sorry for what happened to your daughter."

Four others have pleaded guilty to the killings. One of them, Vania Sisk, was Higganbothan's mother. According to prosecutors, Sisk watched while Moses put a gun to her little boy's head.

A plumber found the victims' bodies stuffed in plastic bags in the backyard of Moses' mother's home in 2011 …

All of the children in the household were fathered by Moses — everyone except little Higganbothan.

Moses was convinced that the 4-year-old boy's father was gay. When Higganbothan struck another child in the buttocks, Moses took it as proof of the child's homosexuality, prosecutors said.


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