NBA Says LA Clippers' Lou Williams Has to Quarantine for 10 Days After Visiting Magic City in Atlanta

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Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers apparently loves the food at the Magic City strip club in Atlanta so much that he’s willing to endure 10 days under quarantine for it.


That’s the punishment the shooting guard has been dished out from the NBA, reports ESPN, after he left the campus ‘bubble’ where players are being kept in Orlando, Fla. and made a stop at the notorious strip club after attending a funeral in Atlanta.

According to a tweet from Williams, he went to Magic City because the establishment where epic ass-shaking happens is also his “favorite restaurant.”

“Ask any of my teammates what’s my favorite restaurant in Atlanta is. Ain’t nobody partying,” he said.

Though many people have been backing up the player’s claim on Twitter that the food from Magic City is that good, the NBA is not playing around.

From ESPN:

The league announced Williams’ quarantine on Sunday, three days after Williams was photographed by the rapper Jack Harlow at an Atlanta strip club. Harlow quickly deleted the post from his Instagram story and tweeted Friday, “That was an old pic of me and Lou. I was just reminiscing cuz I miss him.”

In the photograph, Williams is holding a drink and wearing an NBA mask given out on the Orlando campus.

Sources told ESPN that Williams, 33, has been interviewed by NBA security about his whereabouts while he was away from campus, and he told them that he went to the Magic City strip club in Atlanta for a short time on Thursday, but there were no entertainers present while he was there.


The 10-day quarantine the NBA enforced in response to Williams’ excursion means he will miss the first two games of the season restart on July 30 and August 1, when the Clippers will face the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans, respectively.

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I remember thinking that was stupid until I realized that the funeral was his father’s. And some claim he really does frequent the place for its food, not just the women. That said, while it still definitely endangers his teammates, folks have done more intense, hedonistic things after the death of loved ones. I can feel some sympathy.