Nazi Sympathizer Loses His Job and Home After Being Profiled by the New York Times

@independent via Twitter
@independent via Twitter

Today in “Ahahaha, that’s what the fuck you get” news, the Nazi sympathizer who was profiled by the New York Times in an attempt to humanize him and his racist ideology says he has lost his job in the ensuing backlash from the article and could soon lose his home.


Tony Hovater, 29, told the Washington Post Wednesday that he has been fired from his job at 571 Grill & Draft House in New Carlisle, Ohio, where he, his wife and his brother-in-law all worked. All three were fired after the Times piece ran Saturday.

In addition, Hovater said that because someone published his home address, his family will be moving out for financial and safety reasons. He said they could no longer afford the rent.


“It’s not for the best to stay in a place that is now public information,” Hovater said. “We live alone. No one else is there to watch the house while I’m away.”

In the Times article, writer Richard Fausset described Hovater as the “Nazi sympathizer next door” and a “committed foot soldier” for the far-right movement. He was also referred to as a “Seinfeld” whose “Midwestern manners would please anyone’s mother.”

(Sorry, but I’m not sure whose mother should be pleased that their child has manners that include being a fucking racist, but I digress.)


His former employers issued a statement in which they said they were not aware of his white nationalist views until the article was published, and in the aftermath, they and their other employees have received threatening and intimidating calls and social media messages. It was Hovater who suggested that his former employers release him, which they did—and fired his wife and brother-in-law, too.


“We felt it necessary to fully sever the relationship with them in hopes to protect our 20 other employees from the verbal and social media threats being made from individuals all over the country, and as far as Australia. We neither encourage nor support any forms of hate within our establishment,” the owners said.

Don’t worry, though; supporters of Hovater have launched a fundraising campaign for him on a website called GoyFundMe. As of Thursday morning, more than $8,000 had been raised.


Your favorite friendly neighborhood racist with the good manners will be just fine.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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