'Nazi Karen' Really Wants Us to Know How Much She Hates Black People. Nobody Asked, but OK

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Screenshot: Avatar Eli/ Twitter

Karens don’t matter.

Don’t get me wrong: I love writing these stories up because these Barbie-bigots and their Klan-Ken counterparts need to be exposed, ridiculed and, if at all possible, cost their jobs and livelihoods often and with the same degree of contempt they keep in their hearts for Black people who dare breathe the same air as they do.


But ultimately, a Karen is but a microcosm of what America is and has always been: racist and proud but also in perpetual denial of its own oppressive ways. But what about the Karen who doesn’t bother denying shit?

Meet Nazi Karen.

A video recently posted to social media shows that somewhere in America, some white woman, who probably doesn’t wash her legs and definitely thinks a dip in the swimming-hole counts as a bath, had no problem admitting to a Black man that she’s a loud and proud bed wench of white supremacy.

“White lives matter. Niggers don’t matter,” she shouts as she stumbles toward the camera contemplating whether or not washcloths are even necessary. “Y’all’s skulls are thicker, you carry babies different, y’all are not us.”

“Who matters? White power matters, you said?” the man filming can be heard asking Hitler’s ugliest footstool. Becky-with-the-lice-infestation responded by pulling down the waist of her shorts to reveal a swastika tattoo literally no one asked to see. She then claimed the man filming “tried to fuck me.”

The man replied, “No I didn’t. Ew,” because, while I’m sure her milkshake brings all the Proud Boys to the doublewide, no self-respecting Black man should stick his dick in the putrid vat of redneck sweat and discarded potato salad raisins that are her nether regions.


It also shouldn’t be lost on anyone that Ku Klux Karoline is wearing a T-shirt that reads “Straight Outta Vallhalla,” which is a play on NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton.” Remember what I said about microcosms? What’s more American than loving Black culture while hating Black people?

Assless Abby got into a car that started to pull off, and she could’ve ended her little bootleg American History X rant right there, but instead, she paused her departure long enough to proclaim herself as a racist and give her full name like the goddamn idiot she is.


“I’m racist,” the no-shittiest of no-shit Sherlocks said. “My name’s Angelica Rose Brecker, and I hate niggers.”

And that’s where the fun begins.


Becky Brecker (it can’t be a coincidence that those names are spelled so similarly) must not have realized that her social media posts make her seem like the barely literate druggy she...well...clearly is. But the good folks on Twitter had a field day pulling out all the receipts.

Apparently, Nazi Nancy Nasty Nethers loves Xanax as much as she hates the coloreds.


Apparently, after she was flooded with backlash for her displayed racism, Ages-like-milk Angelica responded. At least I think that’s what this is. If anybody can read this garbled bunch of white nonsense written in whatever shit-kicker dialect uneducated, mayosapien Nazi butt plugs speak, please get back to me.


She appears to love black cats, black shirts and Black vernacular but her hatred for Black lives is a thing she can’t help but emphasize.


Is it just me or is this starting to look like a “the lady doth protest too much” situation? Who hates Black people so much that they can’t even share cat pics on social media without feeling the need to declare it?


This whole thing has “Black dick rejection envy” written all over it.

But that’s none of my business.

Besides, Karens don’t matter.



OK. I’m fickin’ to go back and read the rest of article, yet I must say, I really thought her t-shirt read “Straight Outta Walmart.” And I thought well, that’s appropriate.