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White nationalists are dumb. I don’t think that’s a particularly controversial statement. If you’re going to lie about being a white nationalist on an application to work for the federal government, perhaps don’t post pictures on Facebook proving that you’re a white nationalist.


NBC News reports that Fred Arena, a 41-year-old Navy yard worker, has been sentenced to six months in prison for lying about being a member of a white nationalist group. Federal prosecutors said that he lied on a security clearance form about being a member of a group that utilized violence to prevent citizens from exercising their constitutional rights. Arena was a member of Vanguard America, a group that counts James Alex Fields, the murderer of Heather Heyer, among their ranks. (The group denies it but Fields was seen holding a Vanguard America shield shortly before the attack, so...)

So how did federal prosecutors find out Arena was a member of this group? Well, he posted pictures of himself wearing Vanguard America merch and participating in events at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Arena has been in custody since October meaning he could be released as soon as April. Additionally, he has been prohibited from joining any more white nationalist groups.


It’s always amusing to me that the “superior race” crowd always plays themselves in the dumbest way possible. I’m happy another dumbass has been taken off the streets but I can’t help but laugh at the fact that this dude caught a case because he didn’t delete his pics off Facebook. I know the cheeto-in-chief has emboldened a certain segment of the population but I thought prioritizing your money over your irrational hatred was simply the logical move.

Wait, what am I even saying, these are white nationalists we’re talking about. Fuck do they know about logic? 

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