Bene Viera of Clutch Magazine takes on Garfield Hylton's post on FreshXpress about natural hair and whether it is, in fact, the new "light skinned." Viera questions Hylton's ability to tackle the subject because he is a man. Since many hairstylists are men, and many men wear natural hairstyles, why not? She takes him to task for poor writing and making assumptions that black women are adopting natural hair because it is a trend. Viera goes on to discuss her personal journey to natural hair and excitement about what it will become in the future. What will this debate become? Why is it a debate? Women with natural hair may wear it that way for a multitude of reasons, not necessarily because they're more "down" than other black women. We've all made that mistake — rolling up on a sister rocking a natural hairstyle who has the depth of wading pool. Conversely, we've rolled up on the sister with relaxed locks who is fighting the power, 1960s style. Does it really matter? Why is hair divisive in 2010? There is so much more that black folks need to be thinking about, and hair is not one of them. Let's focus on the politics of unemployment, not the politics of hair.

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