Natural Hair's Comeback on Display at Bronner Bros. Show?

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Last weekend, more than 60,000 stylists, hair enthusiasts and exhibitors who work with black hair showed up for the 64th annual Bronner Bros. International Hair Show


CNN reports that while eye-catching, chemically and synthetically enhanced styles and sculptures were par for the course, stylists and experts also noticed evidence of natural hair making a comeback.

For example, the show included workshops like "Innovative Styling for Natural and Locked Hair" and "The Art of Natural Hair."


"Women are more educated now and conscious about what it means to be chemical free," Taliah Waajid, who taught a course on natural hairstyles at the Bronner Bros. event and has her own line of natural hair-care products, told CNN. "We can be healthy and have a pretty style that is presentable."

Waajid says that more stylists are trained to work with black hair that is curly or coarse in texture. She also heads up the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show, which brings together stylists and beauticians interested in working with natural hair. A year ago, there were 35,000 attendees, up from 8,000 attendees in 2006.

Waajid may be on to something about natural hair’s "comeback" in real life, but with styles like a RedHots candy-themed twist on the Bronner Bros. stage (check out the video), we're not sure hair shows will ever be the best place to look for confirmation of this trend. That's kind of like watching the couture looks on high-fashion runways for evidence that women are wearing yoga pants around town. See what we mean here:

Read more at CNN.

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