Nancy Pelosi Banged Her "All Lives Matter" Drum Despite Being Given the Perfect Opportunity to Do Otherwise

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If you cut your finger, the last thing you want to hear is how precious your other fingers are. It’s a pretty damn easy concept to grasp and yet here we are, still side-eyeing our alabaster compatriots because they’ve proven themselves incapable of not centering themselves.

And to that point, our newly reelected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was given the perfect opportunity to wrap a band-aid around her bleeding thumb and instead opted to stitch up her four other fingers.

During a televised town hall meeting at Trinity University on Friday that touched on a bevy of matters of political interest, a grenade was hurled her way when journalism student Shelly Ward congratulated her on her re-election then asked, “Do you support the Black Lives Matter movement?”


As has been proven time and time and time again, there’s only one correct answer: Yes. Anything else is grounds for either a kick in the shins or an indefinite suspension from the cookout.

And to the surprise of no one, guess which route Pelosi went?

“I support the recognition that black lives matter, for sure,” she calmly replied. “And I have incorporated that in many of my statements.”

Excellent answer, Nancy! Good sh—

“All lives matter,” she continued. “We really have to redress past grievances in terms of how we addressed the African-American community.”


Dammit, Nancy. Way to fuck that one u—

I think that we’re all working together,” she proceeded, unable to remove her foot from her mouth. “Every part of our community, whether it’s the immigrant community, whether it’s the black community, whether it’s women’s community, and the rest. Not only matter, but rule.”


Sigh. How do you fumble the ball in the end zone?

Shelly looked less than thrilled with her answer and as you can expect, Twitter shared her displeasure:


And of course:


Just. Say. Yes.

Stop dousing your refrigerator with water if your stove is on fire.

Is it that damn hard?

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She meant what she said, which that she “supports the recognition”. Meaning that she supports the idea that Black Lives Matter is a thing that exists. Then she told us that she doesn’t fuck with Black Lives Matter. Nothing else to see here lol.

She showed that she’s the same White liberal fuckface that she was last time she was speaker of the house.