Let our next greatest achievement be realizing the dream of full equality for all of us ...

- Human Rights Campaign President, Alphonso David, as reported by Maiysha Kai -


Nadya...Is That So?

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In an interview with Dr. Phil, Nadya Suleman, baby mama of a fourteen, admits that adding eight to her half dozen was probably not the best idea in the world. Thankfully, she has a plan. What's that plan? She'll tell you:

You Know What? Maybe Fourteen Was Overdoing It

33 years old with no job and living off student loans? Why not add a basketball team—with subs— worth of children in need of rearing to your other one? Maybe she's starting a franchise. To be fair: She's wrong in feeling confident in leaning on friends and family. It really does take a village to raise a child. But what does it take to raise a village?


 While it's often just too easy to racialize matters, The Buzz can't help but think that, were Madame Suleman complected differently, her circumstance would be grounds to persecute a whole group of people. Though, if life is at all consistent, Black folks are probably getting blamed for this somehow anyway.

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