NAACP Ask Head of Louisiana State Police to Resign Following Multiple Controversies

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The NAACP has called on the head of the Louisiana State Police to quit as more and more atrocities continue to mount in the organization.


WBRZ reports that the call for resignation comes because of Col. Kevin Reeves’ silence on the various incidents that have plagued his department over the last year. In September, an investigative report by WBRZ found that State Trooper August McKay called one of his Black co-workers a “fucking nigger,” while on duty. McKay received no disciplinary action and, according to WBRZ, the department attempted to cover up records and asked the station to not air the story.

Last week, Trooper Kasha Domingue was indicted on felony charges related to an on-duty shooting of Clifton Dilley, who was left paralyzed after Domingue shot him in the back. According to a federal lawsuit, Domingue said Dilley was charging at her, but that claim was contradicted by video evidence.

On the same day Domingue was indicted, a recording leaked of Trooper Chris Hollingsworth revealing the circumstances surrounding Ronald Greene’s death. State Police originally told Greene’s family that he died in a car accident, despite pictures of the crash showing it was a fender bender.

Hollingsworth’s version of events paints the picture of yet another Black man who was the victim of police brutality

“I beat the ever living fuck out of him,” Hollingsworth said on the recording. “Choked him and everything else to get him under control. We finally got him in handcuffs when a third man got there and the son of bitch was still fighting and still wrestling with him trying to hold him down. He was spitting blood everywhere, and all of a sudden he went limp.”

Hollingsworth died in a car crash last month shortly after receiving word the department intended to fire him.


It gets worse. On the same day as both the indictment and the leak of the recording, Col. Reeves’ son Caleb was involved in a car crash that killed two people, including a child.

“At this point, we believe Colonel Reeves needs to step down. “We’ve had a host of issues. This department is going to cost the State of Louisiana a ton of money. This happened under his watch,” Eugene Collins of the NAACP said.


“We understand he’s a good man, but anything that happens under your watch, we believe you to be responsible, and we haven’t even heard from Kevin Reeves. It’s atrocious.”

Collins also expressed disappointment at the lack of action from members of the State Legislative Black Caucus. “If this continues, we have to question whether we can trust them too,” Collins said


Only three elected officials have said anything about the controversies within the organization. State Reps. Ted James and Edmond Jordan have spoken up about the incidents, and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) called the leaked audio disturbing and said the lack of discipline for McKay problematic.

Reeves, true to form, has remained silent amidst the calls to resign. If you couldn’t tell, there’s some sketchy shit going on in the Louisiana State Police. Hopefully, something will be done to reform the department before another person is killed as a result of a “car crash.”

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Holy hell. Had not followed the Greene / Hollingsworth story in any detail ... but reading all of the linked stuff, can anyone doubt he committed suicide by car crash in order to escape responsibility for killing Greene.

Pretty typical of a chickenshit bully. I’m super tough guy ... right up until it becomes time to face consequences for my actions ... and then I’d rather take my own life (selfish asshole to his family right there) than actually have to admit I might have done wrong.

I’m not totally on the “ACAB” train ... but man oh man do they have some stuff to sort out before they get granted “trust” again.